Smooth Rock Falls Hospital

Hôpital de Smooth Rock Falls Hospital
107 Kelly Road, P.O. Box 219
Smooth Rock Falls, ON  P0L 2B0
Tel: 705-338-2781  Fax: 705-338-4410

The Town has a significant number of healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of home health care services and employed at the Smooth Rock Falls hospital. They offer the following services:

  • 24 Hour Emergency services
  • In-patient medical, palliative care, chronic care, long-term care
  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology services
  • Heliport is available for air transfers when needed

Support staff ensures that the environment is safe and clean and that the nutritional needs of the client are met. The medical needs of the community are managed by a General Practitioner, Locums and Nurses.

» The Falls Medical Clinic is located beside the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital:
107 Kelly Road, P.O. Box 640
Smooth Rock Falls, ON  P0L 2B0
Tel:  705-338-2788  Fax: 705-338-2933